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The Brainstorming portal is a one-stop-shop for all your European youth project needs. Publish your dissemination posts, connect with other organizations to establish partnerships, and find participants for your projects. Additionally, take advantage of our offers to enhance your projects and organization. Join us today and be a part of a dynamic community working towards a better future for Europe’s youth.

Dissemination platform

Brainstorming functions primarily as a news portal which offers organizations the unique opportunity to publish their European Union project dissemination posts. Brainstorming provides a platform for organizations to showcase the progress and impact of their EU-funded initiatives. This initiative enables organizations to share their success stories, challenges faced, and benefits achieved through their projects. Brainstorming aims to foster collaboration and partnerships among organizations, inspire active participation in advancing the EU’s policy priorities, and provide comprehensive coverage of EU-funded initiatives. Brainstorming is committed to contributing towards building a more sustainable and prosperous future for Europe by promoting the visibility of impactful EU-funded initiatives.

In addition to offering a platform for organizations to publish their EU project dissemination posts, Brainstorming serves as a recruitment hub for volunteers and participants in EU youth projects. The portal provides a dedicated space for organizations to advertise their recruitment needs and for interested individuals and organisations to browse through available opportunities. By connecting volunteers and participants through organizations working on EU youth projects, Brainstorming facilitates meaningful engagement and collaboration towards achieving the EU’s policy priorities. With this initiative, Brainstorming hopes to contribute towards building a more inclusive, connected, and engaged youth community in Europe.

Recruitment hub

Partnership network

Brainstorming is a versatile portal that also serves as a platform for organizations to become partners to the Arteco Pavletić Association in its EU projects, specifically European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Fund projects. Additionally, the portal provides an opportunity for organizations to search for potential partners for their EU projects. By fostering partnerships and collaborations among organizations, Brainstorming helps to promote knowledge exchange, collective learning, and innovative problem-solving towards achieving the EU’s policy priorities. With this initiative, Brainstorming aims to support a thriving ecosystem of partnerships and collaborations that drive positive change and impact in Europe.

Brainstorm is a comprehensive contact point for the Arteco Pavletić Association, offering a versatile range of services to non-governmental organizations. Our educational workshops are tailored to develop the skills and competencies of organizations working on EU youth projects, while our counseling services provide assistance with the implementation of European Union projects. Additionally, we offer rental accommodations and spaces in our idyllic premises in Malino, Croatia, which provide a perfect environment for hosting EU youth projects and workshops. Our goal is to support organizations in achieving their objectives, fostering collaboration, and contributing towards building a more inclusive and engaged youth community in Europe. With our professional and experienced team, we strive to provide support to NGOs seeking to make a meaningful impact in their respective communities.

Offers for NGO progress

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We invite you to learn more about our association and the opportunities our portal offers. Check out our team and our association’s past projects and discover the breadth of services we can provide to your organization. Feel free to contact us for more information, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.